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Described as "The Soundtrack To My Life And Times" by Neil, this is book number three in his series of novels.

The setting is the road for this story, and Neil set out on a 2500 mile round-trip journey to Texas, where he listened to traveling music all the way, by artists ranging from Frank Sinatra to Linkin Park, Miles Davis to Radiohead, Patsy Cline to Madonna.

As he drove and listened, he experienced the traveling essence of music itself, and the songs took him on voyages of memory, imagination, emotion, sensation - and when he reached Big Bend Park on the third day, creative inspiration: "A story could be written just around the music I've listened to on this trip". And so he did write a story, now here for us to enjoy.

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Publisher: ECW Press - September 1, 2004
ISBN: 978-1550226669
Format:  Paperback