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Drum Techniques of RUSH. The drum arrangements in this book have been prepared under the supervision of Neil Peart.

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Track list

  1. Distant Early Warning –Grace Under Pressure
  2. Jacob's Ladder –Permanent Waves
  3. Limelight –Moving Pictures
  4. YYZ –Moving Pictures
  5. Tom Sawyer –Moving Pictures
  6. New World Man –Signals
  7. La Villa Strangiato –Hemispheres
  8. Freewill –Permanent Waves
  9. Spirit of Radio –Permanent Waves
  10. Natural Science –Permanent Waves
  11. Subdivisions –Signals
  12. Xanadu –Exit Stage Left
  13. The Trees –Hemispheres
  14. Red Barchetta –Moving Pictures
  15. Between The Wheels –Grace Under Pressure