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Designed to fit 12.5x12.5 vinyl perfectly!

Play & Display Flip Frames – A Stylish and Timely Home Accessory
With the resurgence of vinyl record sales, people are rediscovering their attachment to record cover art, both old and new. Art Vinyl’s Play and Display Flip Frame is the only display frame device that allows music lovers to display this artwork and easily change the contents without removing the frame from the wall.
Since the launch of The Play & Display Flip Frame thousands of people have found new enjoyment from their record collections, and the frame is becoming an essential home accessory for any design conscious individual.

- Play & Display is the first ever vinyl display frame that can have its contents changed without being removed from the wall

Owner Benefits
- Beautifully packaged for instant gifting
- Adds value, renewed enjoyment and a new perspective to record collections
- Any space can be personalized and image changed in seconds
- 99.9% of all vinyl LP’s can be displayed due to this patented display system

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