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Rush's 1981 world tour in support of Moving Pictures was recorded and released later that same year. There are several live Rush albums, but this one easily captures a band at its artistic and commercial peak. Packed with mainstream hits Closer To The Heart, The Spirit Of Radio and Tom Sawyer, the album also includes the signature instrumental piece YYZ and perennial live favourite La Villa Strangiato. For a complete document of Rush's early career live, also check out the superb All The World's A Stage.Jodi Lutz

From The Rush Remasters Series. Newly 20-bit remastered from the original master tapes. Enhanced packaging faithful to the original album release in 1981.

This CD is on the Anthem label.


Publisher: Anthem Entertainment
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UPC: 0731453463226

Track List

  1. Spirit of Radio (Live) –5:11
  2. Red Barchetta (Live) –6:46
  3. YYZ (Live) –7:43
  4. A Passage to Bangkok (Live) –3:45
  5. Closer to the Heart (Live) –3:08
  6. Beneath, Between & Behind (Live) –2:34
  7. Jacob's Ladder (Live) –8:46
  8. Broon's Bane (Live) –1:37
  9. The Trees (Live) –4:50
  10. Xanadu (Live) –12:09
  11. Freewill (Live) –5:31
  12. Tom Sawyer (Live) –4:59
  13. La Villa Strangiato (Live) –9:37