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Neil Peart - A Work In Progress DVD

On this DVD, Neil Peart documents the work in progress of recording Rush's best-selling album TEST FOR ECHO as well as the work in progress of Neil himself and his endless apprenticeship to the art of drumming. On this history-making DVD, he uses the songs from TEST FOR ECHO to demonstrate concepts such as:

Constructing a drum part

Selecting rhythmic approaches


Odd times

The drummer's role in a band

Drum set orchestration

Creative timekeeping

A complete studio performance of each song is captured by four cameras as Neil lays down the fiery, creative drumming for which he is known, but with new finesse gained from two years of devotion to study and practice. Following each performance, Neil presents a specific analysis of the drum part's relation to other elements in the song, as well as breaking down and demonstrating key sections, fills, and solos. Booklets are included.

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Drum Techniques Of RUSH

Drum Techniques of RUSH. The drum arrangements in this book have been prepared under the supervision of Neil Peart.

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Publisher: ECW Press - 2004-09-01
ISBN: 978-1550226676
Format:  Hardcover


This is Neil Peart's first fantastic book!! Newly reprinted as a hardcover with more photos and maps of Neil's journey.

Neil Peart cycles his way through West Africa and brings us along with him, dysentary and all. The Masked Rider details his physical and spiritual journey with photographs, journal entries, and tales of adventure. Peart's masks are the masks that we wear--civilization, psychology, labels, expectations--and his book reveals how traveling in a very foreign land allows us to peer beneath them.

From the back cover:

Cycling is a good way to travel anywhere, but especially in Africa. You are independent and mobile, and yet travel at people speed--fast enough to travel on to another town in the cooler morning hours, but slow enough to meet people: the old farmer at the roadside who raises his hand and says, 'You are welcome,' the tireless women who offer a smile to a passing cyclist, the children whose laughter transcends the humblest home. So begins the text of Neil Peart's extraordinary journal...