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I never quite understood why Rush always has been slapped with a hard rock label. In their early days, the connection was plain to see, but on the last few albums they have broken through the barriers and entered into territories beyond the hard rock realm. Never afraid to experiment, with each new album came a new progression and new growth. Power Windows' complex melodies, techno arrangements and extremely intelligent lyrical content is very hard to grasp on first listen, yet with each play, the music grows and the brilliance comes through. Stand out tracks include Territories, The Big Money and Manhattan Project but with Power Windows it's more of a package deal.© 1978-1999 College Media, Inc. All rights reserved.

From The Rush Remasters Series. Newly 20-bit remastered from the original master tapes. Enhanced packaging faithful to the original album release in 1985. This CD is on the Anthem label.


Publisher: Anthem Entertainment
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UPC: 0731453463523

Track List

  1. The Big Money –5:37
  2. Grand Designs –5:06
  3. Manhattan Project –5:07
  4. Marathon –6:09
  5. Territories –6:20
  6. Middletown Dreams –5:15
  7. Emotion Detector –5:11
  8. Mystic Rhythms –5:54