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Released in 1981 at the dawn of the age of sequencing and synthesizers, Moving Pictures has one musical foot firmly in the 70's and the other stepping into the future of recording technology. This global smash includes the ultimate prog-instrumental, YYZ; the band's ode to live performance, Limelight; Witch Hunt, which explores socio-politics; and Tom Sawyer, which captures the feelings behind teenage alienation more succinctly than any song that has since followed, save Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit. This recording is considered by many to be the absolute best Rush.Jodi Lutz

From The Rush Remasters Series. Newly 20-bit remastered from the original master tapes. Enhanced packaging faithful to the original album release in 1981.

This CD is on the Anthem label.

Publisher: Anthem Entertainment
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UPC: 0731453463127

Track List

  1. Tom Sawyer –4:31
  2. Red Barchetta –6:10
  3. YYZ –4:23
  4. Limelight –4:20
  5. The Camera Eye –11:01
  6. Witch Hunt (Part III of Fear) –4:46
  7. Vital Signs –4:47