$24.99 USD


The legendary Bob Masse painted this Rush poster in 2006. When Geddy, Alex and Neil saw this, they said, "Groovy!" and we started to produce them for sale. This poster is printed on 100lb paper (nice and heavy) and the size is 24" X 13". If you are wondering who Bob Masse is......

In the mid-1960s a group of young artists began creating wildly imaginative and colorful posters to promote concerts and political rallies. Bob Masse was one of the pioneers of this new artistic style that not only revolutionized the graphic world, but also became a catalyst for social change. Like many of his fellow artists, Bob began by creating posters for small folk acts in exchange for free tickets and the chance to meet the musicians. Before long, he was illustrating posters for The Grateful Dead, The Doors, Jefferson Airplane, The Steve Miller Band, and other groups that went on to become music legends.

Bob's designs reflect his interest in the Art Nouveau movement and the work of Alphonse Mucha in particular. While he employs many of the techniques of that period, his brilliant color palette, unique lettering style and bold composition give his art a signature look. His work is highly sought by art collectors of that period. Bob Masse continues to produce poster artwork for contemporary musical acts from his studio in Vancouver, British Columbia.