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In 2009, two tracks from VAPOR TRAILS (“One Little Victory” and “Earthshine”) were remixed for the Retrospective III collection, setting you all into a frenzy in anticipation of a possible remixed version of the entire album being released one day. That time has come.


Publisher: Atlantic/Rhino
Release date: 

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Track list

  1. One Little Victory –5:08
  2. Ceiling Unlimited –5:28
  3. Ghost Rider –5:41
  4. Peaceable Kingdom –5:23
  5. The Stars Look Down –4:28
  6. How It Is –4:05
  7. Vapor Trail –4:57
  8. Secret Touch –6:34
  9. Earthshine –5:38
  10. Sweet Miracle –3:40
  11. Nocturne –4:49
  12. Freeze (Part IV of 'Fear') –6:21
  13. Out Of The Cradle –5:03