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Guitarist Alex Lifeson's instantly recognizable riff in The Spirit Of Radio (the anthem of 1980) helped propel this album onto the charts around the world. This album marked a decided shift to shorter songs and more mainstream lyrical ideas, but nevertheless finishes off with the nine-minute mini-epic Natural Science. Drummer Neil Peart's intelligent lyrical content also proves to be prophetic -- this song details environmental concerns long before they were to hit the headlines of newspapers. Yet another triumphant masterpiece in the venerable Rush catalogue.Jodi Lutz

From The Rush Remasters Series. Newly 20-bit remastered from the original master tapes. Enhanced packaging faithful to the original album release in 1980.

This CD is on the Anthem label.

Publisher: Anthem Entertainment
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UPC: 0731453463028

Track List

  1. The Spirit of Radio –4:57
  2. Freewill –5:24
  3. Jacob's Ladder –7:26
  4. Entre Nous –4:36
  5. Different Strings –3:48
  6. Natural Science –9:17