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After many an album and numerous tours, the legends of the 70's that pretty much defined the word progressive metal are back with their most impressive outing in years. The sound is surprisingly straight-forward, and the band is focusing less on being technical, and paying more attention to the songwriting (which follows the usual formula of Lee and Lifeson writing the music while Peart spills out the poetics). Geddy has toned down his voice, avoiding the high-pitched squeals, and the use of a spoken/rap passage on the title track is a pleasant surprise. Likewise, the soloing flashiness of yore has been downplayed. The times are changing here, but Roll The Bones is a much more solid effort than their last couple of albums. It's been quite awhile since these influential trailblazers have had top-of-the-line success, and this one should do the trick. Welcome them back with Dreamline, Roll The Bones and Bravado.

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The 1991 release on the Anthem label.


Publisher: Anthem Entertainment
Release date: 
UPC: 0075678229329

Track List

  1. Dreamline –4:38
  2. Bravado –4:35
  3. Roll the Bones –5:30
  4. Face Up –3:54
  5. Where's My Thing? (Part IV, "Gangster of Boats" Trilogy) –3:49
  6. The Big Wheel –5:13
  7. Heresy –5:26
  8. Ghost of a Chance –5:19
  9. Neurotica –4:40
  10. You Bet Your Life –5:00