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Rush bounces back with their 13th release, Presto. Yet again the prog-rock trio proves that their tight guitar work and lyrical originality is not long lost or overlooked in an attempt to secure the latest technical flash.

Rupert Hine's production work totally brings things to the forefront by molding solid piano breaks instead of the typical adventure-like synthesizers into Alex Lifeson's spellbinding guitar work. The sound quality is strong and thick, making the sounds of Presto complete. Neil Peart also makes headway with his natural percussion power, and Geddy Lee's trademark delivery of Peart's lyrical complexities shine like signature Rush perfectionism.

Songs like Scars and Superconductor are sonically firm, but Show Don't Tell is the album's infectious standout that's heightened thanks to Lee's stunning vocal wizardry. Presto intelligently leads Rush into the '90s without musical bleakness. They weren't ones to be blinded by such creative mediocrity anyway.

MacKenzie Wilson, All Music Guide

The 1989 release on the Anthem label.


Publisher: Anthem Entertainment
Release date: 
UPC: 0075678204029

Track List

  1. Show Don't Tell –5:01
  2. Chain Lightning –4:33
  3. The Pass –4:52
  4. War Paint –5:24
  5. Scars –4:07
  6. Presto –5:45
  7. Superconductor –4:47
  8. Anagram (for Mongo) –4:00
  9. Red Tide –4:29
  10. Hand Over Fist –4:11
  11. Available Light –5:03