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Rush were never a band known to play the same sort of thing for any extended period, they often pushed the boundaries of rock and their formidable list of albums helped to spread their music to a wider audience. By 1989 a change was inevitable and with their 13th studio album, Presto, it was a change for the good. Presto marked the beginning of a transition period, moving away from a sound dominated  by synthesizers and toward more traditional rock instrumentation. The synths were toned back while the guitars were brought up, allowing the emphasis to return to the rhythm instruments, resurrecting the groove that Rush maintains so very well. 

Geddy Lee and Neal Peart are in good form, but Alex Lifeson is the real story, he can be heard in grand force. Lifeson’s leads in “Superconductor” are brilliant, Lee does great solo work on “Show Don’t Tell” and Peart’s percussion on “Scars” features a complex tribal rhythm drum pattern in which both acoustic and electronic drums are utilized. Each of these tracks, along with "The Pass," reached the top of the Album Rock Tracks charts with "Show Don't Tell" hitting #1. Presto climbed to #16 on the Billboard Top 200 album chart.

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Track list

  1. 1. Show Don't Tell
  2. 2. Chain Lightning
  3. 3. The Pass
  4. 4. War Paint
  5. 5. Scars
  6. 6. Presto
  7. 7. Superconductor
  8. 8. Anagram (for Mongo)
  9. 9. Red Tide
  10. 10. Hand Over Fist
  11. 11. Available Light