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Celebrating a thirty-year career of filling arenas, selling tens of millions of albums and playing songs with which a generation of rock fans came of age, the boys decided to have a little fun with the music they grew up with. Featuring covers of songs by The Who, The Yardbirds, Love, Cream, Buffalo Springfield and more, the EP Feedback is a blast!

Neil, in the album liner notes, explains:

It was April of 2004, but Geddy, Alex, and I were channeling back to 1966 and 1967, when we were thirteen and fourteen-year-old beginners. We thought it would be a fitting symbol to commemorate our thirty years together if we returned to our roots and paid tribute to those we had learned from and were inspired by. We thought we might record some of the songs we used to listen to, the ones we painstakingly learned the chords, notes, and drum parts for, and even played in our earliest bands. The tracks on this collection are songs we liked from the era that we thought we could cover effectively (meaning not too many backing vocals), and have some fun with. The music celebrates a good time in our lives, and we had a good time celebrating it.

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Track List

  1. Summertime Blues –3:43
  2. Heart Full of Soul –2:52
  3. For What It's Worth –3:30
  4. The Seeker –3:27
  5. Mr. Soul –3:51
  6. 7 and 7 Is –2:53
  7. Shapes of Things –3:16
  8. Crossroads –3:27