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A true classic of Canadian hard rock, 2112 marks the beginning of Rush as we know them. The pure four-on-the-floor rock of their first album, and the incredible playing and epic storytelling of subsequent albums culminate in the one-side-long 2112, drummer Neil Peart's take on the works of Ayn Rand. The song is sweeping in scope, from acoustic bits to the full-on riffage of The Temples Of Syrinx to the bombastic ending. While the sci-fi action seems a bit dated now, the sound holds up -- by 2112, Rush had found their sound, their own style of songwriting, and elements of 2112 can still be heard in the band's work today. Side Two includes a handful of other Rush classics, such as the ballad Tears, and the hits Something For Nothing and A Passage To Bangkok.

From The Rush Remasters Series. Newly 20-bit remastered from the original master tapes. Enhanced packaging faithful to the original album release in 1976.

This CD is on the Anthem label.

Publisher: Anthem Entertainment
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UPC: 0731453462625

Track List

Side One

  1. 2112 –20:34

Side Two

  1. A Passage to Bangkok –3:32
  2. The Twilight Zone –3:16
  3. Lessons –3:51
  4. Tears –3:30
  5. Something for Nothing –4:00